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TVM Mosaics was conceived by our desire to replicate Ancient Greek and Roman Mosaics and founded on our own invention of a new way of making small, full color, regular shaped Tesserae; by the millions. Yet each individual Tesserae is unique.

To our knowledge we are the only people in the world producing Tesserae this way. With all these Tesserae we are able to produce delicately detailed mosaics equal to the finest works of the Ancients.

All our Mosaics are produced 100% in house. After the design is agreed on we produce the job specific Tesserae. We lay the mosaic on suitable backing sheets in our studio. Then we install the Mosaic and complete the final wet polish on site. On large jobs we employ and train layers as required to meet time schedules.

The finished product is virtually indestructible but totally repairable and can be driven on, danced on or gazed at for hours.

The Design of our Mosaics is limited only by your imagination!

Co-Founder: Alan Bannister (Bachelor of Arts, Classical Studies)

Co-Founder: Anne Kelly (Bachelor of Ed, Art History)




"Pompeii Dog"


"T V M Dog". (600mm X 600mm) 22'000 4mm Porcelain Tesserae

Recent works

Repairable, Repolishable and suitable for Indoor/Outdoor use. Plus each individual Tesserae is unique, a la snowflakes.

Strong and Tough. The epoxy glue used in the production process has a bond that is 17x stronger than concrete!

Variable size Tesserae from matchsticks up to 10mm x 10mm cubes. Hand made in house specifically for you.

The design of our mosaics is limited only by your imagination.

Replicating Ancient works or creating Modern Mosaics in the Traditional style, using the same passion!

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